Boxing Day

December 26 is St. Stephen’s Day, honoring the first Christian martyr, Stephen. It also known as Boxing Day. Boxing Day is a holiday in the United Kingdom and all former colonies except the U.S.
Leading up to Boxing Day, tips from employers would be collected in pottery boxes with coin slots. On Boxing Day these boxes would be broken and the tip money collected. These boxes were the forerunner to the modern piggy bank.
Boxing Day is a traditional day for the aristocratic sport of fox hunting as well as the common sport of wren hunting.
Wrens are considered to be the king of birds and not to be hunted on any day but Boxing Day. Now wren hunting is very rare and the wrens are captured and released rather than exterminated on Boxing Day.
Boxing Day has long been a traditional day for outdoor sporting events. This tradition dates back to at least the Middle Ages when jousting tournaments were held on Boxing Day (and during the 12 Days of Christmas generally).

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